How can I make a script for turning the front wheels with this blueprint?

I’m new to programming. I need help with the front wheels, I want to make a 45 degree and -45 degree turn system. Who knows how to do it with such a blueprint?

The problem is that when I set the turn limit, the wheels rotate in different directions, here is an example:

And it should be like this:

If you know how to Set Angular Rotation Offset, please tell me.

Hi man,
Are you working on a physics setup or the wheels are free ?
the screenshot is a bit blurred.

By the way :
are you rotating them on local axis?
are you using the parent to rotate the wheel on -45 +45 ?
if you split the rotations on 2 object , is a bit cleaner and easy.

I’m working on a physical setup.
I am not familiar with all the properties of the physical constraint, I would like to know how to divide the rotations into 2 objects?
I use the wheel object to rotate on -45 +45.

Visible better?

I want to make my own project, but so far this is the only problem.

I tried to divide it into two parts, either x does not rotate, or y.