How can I make a material on one actor change after wall jumping on a different actor?

I have a script for the character to wall jump off an actor (a wall), then it doesn’t allow you to jump off the same wall until you jump on another. I have another script for the wall actors that make the material on the wall change to a darker texture when I jump near it. The walls are not all the same actor. For example, a 2x4 wall actor needs to reset the material when I jump off a 2x3 wall, not just if I jump off another 2x4. Any direction would be appreciated. I think I’ve got pretty far for a total beginner, but this is the first point I feel truly lost.

All you want is when the actor is near or collides which is pretty much the same on game coding, make the stuff you desire to happen…

With respect, I don’t see how that helps me. To me, that’s a bit like being asked how to build a car and saying “metal”. That’s already how my scripts work, including the wall jump and the script that changes the material of the actor I bounced off. The only problem I have is making the material of the last wall I bounced off reset when I bounce off another one, then that one needs to change itself. It’s like if you walked down the street and at every streetlight you turn it off, but once you turn off the next streetlight, the last one has to turn on again, even if the last streetlight was different. Maybe I’m explaining this badly, but what you’re describing is already how everything works, so it doesn’t help me much.