How can I make a certain blueprint to be active, even if the game is paused?

So I´ve been following this tutorial on how to make a widget blueprint with a fully animated preview character.

Everything works fine. I have a blueprint that renders the preview character, with a scene capture component.

But then I have the following problem. When the inventory widget is open I want the game to be paused. So I use the “set game paused” node for this. Thing is though when the games is paused the preview character becomes paused aswell.
This is not what I want!

How can I make my character preview blueprint to remain active even when the rest of the game is paused.

I have no idea how to do this please help.

There’s a “tick even when paused” checkbox for actors. Have you turned that on?

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I have but it does not seem to work. Maybe I´m doing something wrong.

I´m still struggling with this. If anyone knows something, dont hesitate to write. Even the smallest amount of info may be useful for me.