How can I link a static mesh to my class in code?

This actor is already loaded in my project. It has collision and a material assigned to it. Although I’m not opposed to assigning these things through code either. I can see my actor class listed in the editor that I’ve created through code, now I’m looking to assign a already loaded static mesh to it (in code).

This was able to link to an asset already in my project.

MyBlock = PCIP.CreateAbstractDefaultSubobject(this, TEXT(“Wall_Ninty”));
static ConstructorHelpers::FObjectFinderStaticMesh(TEXT(“StaticMesh’/Game/Meshes/Environment/Ground/Wall_Ninty.Wall_Ninty’”));
static ConstructorHelpers::FObjectFinderMaterial(TEXT(“MaterialInstanceConstant’/Game/Meshes/Environment/Ground/TempGroundMat.TempGroundMat’”));
MyBlock->SetMaterial(0, Material.Object);