How can I let my Third Person Character play an animation like grabbing an item on "Key input" (without matinee)

Hey community,
I have a really big problem with letting my Character make an animation on a key Input. To let my character make a “taking Item” animation I used the “play animation (target is skeletal mesh component)” and connected the target with a “Character (Reference)” Variable, so the engine knows what should play the animation.

Somehow this worked for a while (really strange) but then it didn’t work anymore.

After that I tried to connect the target of the “play animation” with a “Get player Character” node and it worked, my Character did the animation but froze within the endpoint of the animation and isn’t going back to its moving animation anymore.

Please help me… which way was the right one to let my character play the animation and then go back to his “normal” moving and idle animation, or is there an other way to do this?

I’m really a bit desperate :frowning:

Thanks community in advance,

Hello, SaRG,

Instead of putting that functionality on your character blueprints with animation assets, you should really be looking into animation blueprints. A state machine inside an animation blueprint would be the ideal an easiest way to do what you want, and animation BPs will give you the most flexibility later on, so they are worth to learn if you haven’t tried them.

Epic’s youtube channel has a lot of great tutorials about the subject. Here are some: