How can i keep the same data in data table?


I have different datatable with the same structure but after use Promote to Vatiable and select the same data table, still i don’t see my above data, only “Out Row”.

How can I keep the same data if change data table (it has the same structure) with different data?

Most likely the promoted variable is being treated as a generic data table, and hence all it knows is that there is a row. Not the specifics of what the row structure is going to be. You can get around the issue by breaking the row based on the required struct type instead of splitting the Out Row pin in the node.

What node I need to use? I don’t found how can I breaking the row. Is there any examples? yt and google i cant found for my case.

I have tried like that but this is not my structure. I have another structure.

You can break it into whichever structure you want. If you type break, it should show a list of all the structures.

its working thanks.