How can I install Unreal engine on a PC with metered connection or completelly offline?

I need to get Unreal Engine 4 as soon as possible on my desktop PC, it is for a task that needs to be completed soon. However, the computer is on a metered connection and downloading it there would cost me about 3 pizzas worth of money.

I have a laptop which I can bring somewhere where there is WiFi. But I see that Unreal Engine only provides an online installer, judging from the fact that the installer has 40MB.

So how could I install Unreal on my laptop, then move it to this desktop PC? I don’t mind using some data if it needs to connect to the internet to verify my account, but I don’t want to download over 10GB over mobile data unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Easy. Buy a flash drive or something (you might need extra storage later anyway). Download Unreal Engine on your laptop, move it onto your flash drive, and transfer the folder onto your Desktop PC.