How can I import a Map into another project?

Hi To all,

This is my fist post here and I’m totally new to unreal engine, so I apologise if what I’m gonna ask it’s something that don’t make sense.

I have installed and created a new project from the Landscape Mountains, just for testing.

Then I have download and add to that project the Poly Pixel Freebie Pack.

I have done this just to try to do something that I can’t find a way of doing.

In the Poly Pixel Pack I have a map with a building made of pieces that are assembled to make that building. I can add to the Landscape Mountains those pieces and build piece by piece the same building. But the pack already have a pre-made building created with this pieces, so how can I import the entire building into the Landscape. I try to drag the map of that demo building into the landscape but it don’t allow me.

Is there a way to import into a scene a map from another project with all pieces already assembled?

Sorry if I didn’t explain myself clearly.

Best Regards and Thanks