How can I have the same material from the Vehicle Demo?

I would like to use the material from the vehicle demo for a desert. But i cant figure out which assets I have to copy…
I like to have the same as the landscape with this dust/blowing effect.
Thanks a lot!

My recommendation:

Create a brand new project that is empty. Call it whatever, it is temporary.

In the vehicle demo find your material and right click on it and choose Migrate. Choose the new temp project.

Now go to the temp project and you will see it has moved every file needed for the material to work. They will be in their same relative folder structure but will now be easier to move around and consolidate into your own structure.

Hi ,

To get assets from one projec tto another, you can use the migrate feature that describes. In regards to your specific inquiry, the landscape material and the dust are two separate things. The dust is a particle system that you place where you want it and the texture is placed within materials for meshes or in the landscape. The easiest way to find any item you are looking for is to use the filters in the content browser. In this case, filter by particle systems for the dust effect and materials/textures (depending on what specific thing you are looking for) for the . You can find more information on particle systems and materials here:

We also have video tutorials for creating and implementing these here: