How can I get this effect?


I’m trying to make a material to do that a character looks like that:

These are the enemies from Alan Wake. An its just that. I want to my characters to look with this aspect, like if they’re shadows or not totally solid. I only know the basics about the materials in UE4, so… any help?

Is there any nodes that can do that? Maybe with a smoke texture?

Sorry by the image quality, I dont know how the new format of the unreal forums to post images work. Anyway, direct links to the images:…_moon_720p.png

Here are some keywords to search in google: “Ribbon trails” (for the ghosting/trails effect) and “Unlit material” (for the solid non-3D shading). :slight_smile:

Animtrails work slightly better on this :slight_smile:
but yea, what NasteX said.

Thanks you!

Try activating Temporal AA and using noisy background textures :p:cool:

Hahah, exactly! UE4 does that effect by default… the question is how to easily remove it :rolleyes: