How can I get the game character pick up a decal in game?

Hi I am trying to get the main player to be able to pick up a magazine. The magazine mesh has a decal on it to give it a cover but when the player picks up the magazine the decal stays behind. I’m gussing using a decal is the only way to texture the magazine cover so how to I get the character to be able to pick it up and it still have a cover? Same goes for DVDs, frames anything I have to paint a jpg on it.

I think there are some fundamental misunderstandings here on how 3D modelling/texturing works. A decal is definitely the wrong approach in this situation.

You should look into tutorials for your choice of modelling software in how to UV map and texture a 3D asset. Once you have a proper model and texture you use Materials in Unreal to define how the texture applies to the model then assign that material to your model asset in engine.

I’ve setup UV lightmaps for my models using blender and applied textures for objects like walls, tables and other objects but when you need to texture a photo onto an object like a photo in a picture frame the only way I’ve seen it done on a 1 to 1 scale is through a decal. Can you explain what settings I need to use in the material so it fits perfectly?

You need to create the UVs of your model to correctly display the texture on it. You should be able to preview the texture on your magazine model in blender and adjust the UVs to be correct.

So are you saying that when I then import the FBX model from blender into UE4 the mesh is not blank and when I create the actor it will already have the texture on it? or the mesh will be blank so I need to create a material for the texture in UE4 and apply to the mesh. If it is the latter then what settings do I use for the mat so I don’t get that weird warping wrap around effect.

I think you may want to watch/read a tutorial on UV mapping a model in blender to get an overview how textures work. The issue you are seeing is not related to Unreal i think, it is a fundamental part of 3D modelling.

So a UV Map defines how textures will display on a model. The warping and problems you see on your model in the engine are entirely dependent on the UV map for your model. By properly laying out your UVs you can get the texture on the model in blender to look correct then just import it into Unreal, assign a material to your mesh and import your texture, then in that material assign the texture to the base Color of the material.

Hey RimmyD thanks for your answer. No you are totally right. Wrapping my head around UV’s for the 1st time was a head wreck but worth it. I’m self learning everything right now from UE to modeling in blender. I have sorted out the issue now so I guess this thread can be marked as answered.

Great to hear :slight_smile: Game development is full of lots of small systems that all have to line up to make a product. Try not to get discouraged and keep askin questions :smiley:

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