How can I get the exact location of a character in EditableText Widget?


I’d like to make a word in a MultiLine EditableText, able to be clicked and recieve that input. So I tried to make a wrap box behind the Multiline EditableText Widget, and add a button in exactly same location compare to where the word I typed is located. That text includes the last word imput in MLEditableText.
And the size of the button had to be same as the last word in the editable text, so I put the same text with a same style in the button.
But there was an irreducible gap between the buttons. And the gaps broke the sync between wrapbox texts and the edtable text widget. So the text editing cursor(which one looks like |) located far away from the last character in the edtable text.
So the 1st plan didnt work, now I just try to get the exact location of two characters(the first and the last ones in a word) and make a button to fit in the gap between the characters. Is this possible? Can I get the exact loc of a chracter in the widget? Or do I even need to make my own text editor widget??

		+ addotionally, how can I get the location or index in a content string of the text editing cursor? Cause Id like to know what word is currently being edited by the player.