How can I get the camera border locations at a certain depth?

I want to have a gameplay mechanic where if the player falls out of the camera view, they lose. I used WasRecentlyRendered but that doesn’t as expected on packaged builds…

So I’m wondering how do I get the camera bounds at a certain depth, so I can add a trigger box there and handle it using collision?

Look at ConvexVolume.h

You can simply create an FConvexVolume and then use IntersectPoint or Sphere, or what not.

FConvexVolume myViewFrustum;
GetViewFrustum(myViewFrustum, /*Grab your Camera's ViewProjectionMatrix*/  myCameraVPM, /*If you want to use the near plane or not, probably not*/ false);

if (!myViewFrustum.IntersectPoint(myCharacterPosition))
    // Not in view, do any losing logic.