How can i get hair-works for ue4.9?

I want nvidia hair-works
I went to but am not sure what version it is (It looks like 4.7 maybe).
Can someone tell me how/if i can get a ue4.9 build with hair-works integrated?

You will have to wait for either NVIDIA or myself to upgrade to 4.9. My branch is for 4.8.3 and NVIDIA’s is for 4.7, I believe. The other alternative is to take either branch and upgrade yourself, this is not something that should be undertaken lightly, it could potentially be very difficult to do, and there are no walkthru on how to do it easily.

Well i wait with anticipation for a 4.9 version…
If anyone is going to update hair works for 4.9, please post here.

I plan to very soon, now that VXGI for 4.9.1 has been released, I will begin the upgrade process for all GameWorks techs.

Yay! I’m greatly looking forward to this.

how do i get multiple game-works in one build? I have very little idea about anything to do ue4 source.

Integrating multiple game works techs requires a fair bit of knowledge about the UE4 source code, especially if you are also moving them to a newer engine, as you need to know how to modify the integration code to fit in with the new engine. This is not something you should attempt unless you are quite comfortable with the engine.

Ahaha… such a shame :(, because now i want vxgi & hairworks XD. sometimes more knowledge only breeds more dissatisfaction.

VXGI is very gpu intensive which my 680 is getting 3 fps on the SciFi corridor demo. Just stick to the Lightmass build method if you are creating games.

VXGI is meant to be used on Maxwell - 9xx. It’s not accelerated on 680.

Oh… turns out setting r.VXGI.mapsize to “64”, now I get 30fps with VXGI on nvidia680.
A typical memory issue.

Is hairworks only faster than normal meshes because of the continuous lod? is hair-works mesh a faster/slower render than a normal mesh? (if lod was not taken into account).
I was going to use hairworks for some clumps of furry moss/grass, (as-well as hair), would this be possible, or is the performance hot too big.