How can I get a PS3 Controller working with UE4?


I’ve been working on Implementing controller support for my current project in UE4, but I’m having problems while implementing it. I’m not getting any input from the controller while trying to play the game, neither when I’ve tried on content examples.

The problem seems to be limited to UE4 because i got it to work on other games etc.

Anyone who knows what might cause it?



I’m using a PS3 controller, I think the trick is to make windows view the controller as a XBox controller, I use the motionjoy driver and the Better DS3 app to make the controller emulate a XBox controller, after that it works great on everything.

I’m also using the ds3 tool, and it works great on everything, except when playing games in the editor.

just check if windows is seen it as an XBOX controller


If possible, dont ever use motionjoy!
It will mess up some registry stuff and always have.
Expect weird stuff happening after you install it like computer automatically booting when it feels like it and what not.
There are many reports of bricked pc’s (or at least a full re install of windows needed)

There are some things you can do with motionjoy:

Which results in ending up using betterDS3, which is less buggy and looks better.

But I highly suggest a Bluetooth adapter:

and do this:

Yes I just use the motion joy driver and better DS3, never use the DS3 tool, also I never use the bluetooh driver

You need to switch motionjoy to Xinput mode

Here’s an alternative to Motioninjoy: Scarlet Crush Productions (SCP). It basically makes my PS3 controller look like an Xbox 360 to Windows 8. Works great.

Here’s the basic install process:

Here’s his follow-on video with the step to unblock installer so that it installs properly.