How can i get a clear shadow (in game)just like epic showing in Paragon trailer?

[FONT=Arial Black]how can i get a clear shadow (in game)just like epic showing in Paragon trailer?

like this pic from trailer?

Notice this character have a very clear shadow in the game,like under the nose and eye i wondering if i can adjust some parameter to achieve this leve???

I use an asset from ark dev kit in Epic launcher for a example like this…

The whole body character can draw good shadow,but the separate head show the better result(under the nose and eye socket).

I have checked some parameter in console like R.Shadow.TexelsPerPixel and use dynamic inset shadow.

Did someone can show me how to make a character for a good shadow?:slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!!!

They might be using the screenspace contact shadows which are not available yet. I’m guessing they’ll be in the next preview of 4.13, or possibly after that.

Thank you, Is there any way i can use for improve the shadow effect?

I think you can use it now if you get the Master Branch of UE4 off Github: Downloading Unreal Engine Source Code | Unreal Engine Documentation

But it is much easier by far to just wait for them to put it in an official engine update. Preview 2 of 4.13 is supposed to come out this week, and it could be in there.

Screen space contact shadows were introduced in Preview 1 of 4.13. The feature is highly experimental, and while it will be in 4.13, it is supposed to go unannounced. To enable it, you need to go into the directional light actor, and find a setting labeled “contact shadow distance”. It should be a slider. You will want to start with a very low value, such as 0.05 to start, and slowly increase it by 0.01 until you find a value you like. It should be noted that the quality of the effect is severely impacted by your camera distance. While a value of 0.08 may look fine from 1000 units away, at 100 units away the effect my have poor quality or disappear altogether.

Thanks for your answer, I will tell our tech guy to see this~~

Thank you ,I will try the way you told me~

Glad to see someone asking this here.

After testing the new contact shadow feature, my guess would be that epic are not using it for the specific image you posted, first of all the contact shadows feature is riddled with artifacts no matter the settings or the distance, the image you posted has very clean direct shadows.

It may be that they are using high res shadow maps here with large distance cascades. Honestly you are not alone in this camp Unreal detailed shadows on moving objects has been quite a pain to really figure out the past few days.
Here’s what i have so far maybe it will help somehow.
1 - if you use all out moving shadows from your sun, you will need high res maps 2048 + most likely 4096 map size to get detailed shadows on full character’s body close enough for clean nose to face shadows, plus you need to increase the num of dynamic cascades for this to work, maybe to five or six.
2 - if you do the above you will most likely get shadow artifacts all over your scene due to the default bias at 0.5 so you need to increase that to a number like 2.0 until it is acceptable (this is a problem according to the docs so increasing it may be ok for now) but still annoying becuase you may loose detail contact areas, so must be careful.
3 - another problem surfaces, when the camera gets to a certain distance away from the face then the shadows will start fading out especially the little detailed shadows on the face, I am still trying to see what settings would fix this, i’ve tried so many things by now from countless threads discussing the same issue and there is nothing concrete for me on this yet, but i may be close to figuring it out.
4 - if you use stationary shadows on the sun you have an option to click on “inset” so the shadows wont supposedly fade away as you move away from the character (more on this if you read the help tip). But this has another problem that every time it is clicked the shadows go back being low res. this last option is still confusing to me.

I will continue digging into this further, for anyone out there who knows about these features please feel free to correct me or pitch in to leave a tip or two.