How can I get a camera actor from a component ?

How can I get a camera actor from a component ?


I want to move the camera, I use the " Add Actor Local Offset " ,

but the " Target " must be a actor , so the camera in the component should be an actor type to link it.

I only want to control the camera to move , not all the component.

Thank you for your help!

Hello if you “get” your camera in your blueprint and drag a wire then you’ll can have “move component to”. you can use “target arm length” to, to move your camera.

Thanks for your reply!

I have try it, something may be error, the camera only move back and execute once…


I want to move the camera left and right , up and down , relative to the current view , and when I use “left mouse” to drag, the camera will move round the center ball, it looks like the " orbit camera ", I want the camera look at the center ball all the time…


Sorry for my bad English.

thanks again!