How can I fund my game?

So I have a game concept which I’ve planned and figured out however I don’t have the money to fund the project as I’m a solo developer. I’am under 18 so crowd funding sites turn down my project applications which is a pain. How can I fund my games even though I can’t crowd fund the game or fund it out of my own pocket?

The only 3 options to fund a game are

  1. Fund it yourself
  2. Find an investor(s)
  3. Crowdfund

Having a plan isn’t enough to get funding from an investor or crowd funding, unless your already a established and successful developer with a great track record. Even having a working prototype often isn’t enough, a vertical slice of what the final game could be like is likely what would be needed to secure funding in your situation.

  1. Start a Patreon

  2. Freelance Game Dev Services

  3. Publish Asset Packs to Multiple Game Dev Stores

  4. Publish Asset Mods for existing Assets in Game Stores.

  5. Join a Game Dev Conglomerate

  6. When all else fails:

  7. Compete in Esports to Win Prize Money

  8. Sell Virtual Goods: Characters & Gold

  9. Scope Down the Game Project for Solo Dev.

At least do a prototype. A lot of times, plan maybe sound wonderful but a lot of hidden stuffs are revealed once you try to create a prototype. Often, prototype reveals the bitter truth in the midst of prototype - unless of course, you are the very rare type who plan very meticulously.

I have lots of concept art created which is high quality and also have reference projects where I have made mechanics in a dedicated project