How can I fix my Goal compass?

I’ve follow this tutorial series:…_TW1hj∈dex=1

And create the radar, but I want to change the location of the Main Quest marker after reaching it, for example, to the next goal. How can I do it?


The Link with the youtube video seems to be unavailable for me. Do you have any other way for me to take a look at it?

You can go to Youtube and search for: Let’s Create God of War’s Radar System from a channel named as: UnrealGameDev


Ok, so there is a lot of ways to do this and it depends a lot on the design.
If the main quest is a single path then you could create an array of the main quest S_MarkerInfo and then have a “Active MainQuest” variable which you change when you have are at an appropriate distance from the current goal.