How can I export several different angled screenshots in a single tick?


I’ve been trying to take several sreenshots from what Camera Actor(s) see in a single tick out to a file on my computer.

I can get very close to achieving this by using blueprint and creating a for each loop that just sets a Camera Actors location and then requests a High Res Screenshot. Problem is only the last requested screenshot will actually output to my computer while all preceding ones just seem to not.

I’m guessing using the HighResScreenshot is closely coupled with the UE editor so i’m guessing that may just be a limitation of what it is capable of.

So next i’ve tried creating a Composite and setting an Output Pass to be EXRFile Compositing Output , but every frame it outputs seems to be blank when i open it. Additionally it outputs frames while I’m still in Edit mode so it ends up quickly filling up my hard drive unless i keep it disabled.

Can anybody point me in the correct direction to be able to obtain several screenshots of what 1 or several cameras see to several individual files with the game effectively being at the same frame in time?

Thank you for any responses. This has been driving me a bit crazy!