How Can I draw skeletal mesh as part of HUD / UMG / Slate ?

I don’t wan to use Scene Capture 2D,because the performance and noticeable aliasing problem.

thank you in avance.

In UE3 this was sometimes done on a Rendering Thread. You may need to use the source version, set up your view matrix etc for the object if meet some criteria, such as the HUD being up.

Can you provide me with more details about the implementation?

Thank you very much!

I can’t give you details. I didn’t write the initial code that did it, just worked with it later to modify things for adding in split screen options.

It is graphics programming. If you can’t dig around in the rendering code, then you should use one of the SceneCapture methods. It’s not necessarily going to give better performance, it’s actually likely to be worse. In the game I worked on that did it. Borderlands. The player was interacting with a complicated HUD and not running around or shooting when the 3D model was rendering in front of the HUD layer.

bro, thanks.