How can i decrease character's health every tick?

i want to implement a effect that the player heath decrease certain numbers every tick. how to achieve this in bp?? thx a lot!!

Health. You must create variable named “Health” in player Pawn( character ) in EventGraph. I’m use float variable in range [0…1]. Then on Begin Play event use node SetTimer and in that node decrease Health value.

could you be explicit about how to set it up?i do not know how to deal with the settimer thx a lot!

Use Print String node. But normaly you must create HUD blueprint, More info : Blueprint Getting Started Page

Nope, it can print vars too. Try to connect Get Health pin and Print String InString pin. It’s create additional conversion node. UE4 blueprints have wide list of math, aggregate and convertion nodes. Experementate! Also context toolbar uses keyword search, that means if you enter “Timer” it show you all Timer related nodes. You can turn of “Context Sensetive” to see all variants. You need Clear or Pause ( if you would to continue) Timer Nodes.

oh thx!it works but how to print the health onto the screen?

but printstring can only print out static string,how to print health variables? also i dont konw how to stop the timer to end loop after some conditions.thanks again!

yeah that works perfecrly!thx very much!!