How can I create instances in the content browser?

I create a blueprint class named “Test”. How can I create instances of this class “Test” in the content browser?


Right click the blueprint and choose “Create a Child Blueprint Class”

I create this new Child Blueprint class named “Testchild”, but now how I create a instances of this class?

If you want an instance of the instance, just repeat the same process, right click and “Create a Child Blueprint Class”

I’m testing it, but it doesn’t work. In another blueprint I created a Array variable of type “Test”, but I can’t select the instance “Testchild” for the index 0 of the array.

I’m doing something wrong?

The Instance you are trying to access does not exist in the world, you would have to spawn it first at runtime and then add to the array.

Another solution is to add all these blueprints into your level (World), so that they can see each other under every instance’s properties

Ok, thanks!

Finally, I created a array class of this type “Test” and in runtime I create a array of instances of this type, and works fine.