how can I create a material out of a picture that mantains a constant rotation?

Heyo! As you may guess, I’m not that great with materials.
So I just got myself a very nice arrow png, and wanted to apply it to a cube, so that I have these cubes that point to a direction.
The thing is, the arrows applied to the cube all point to different directions!
What I wish to achieve is the exact opposite: all the arrows pointing to a single direction, I don’t mind if two of them become glitchy (the ones on the sides whose planes are perpendicular to the direction the arrows should point at).

I understand that it may not even possible to achieve the result I wish, but maybe I can learn something more about materials by asking this!

Here’s a pic that explains my question clearly, I hope!
alt text

Hi man , the position of the Arrow on the cube depend on his uvs.
you should make a cube in a 3d software and take care of the uvs of every face.

Thanks! Learning a bit every day!