How can I controll the Player Camera component in matinee?

Hello, I’m new here and i would like to know if its possible. I’m working on a game that the player can see his arms/body on a first person camera, the camera and the body are components in the player blueprint.

To make the first cutscene i tried to take the camera component into matinee with no success, i tried to set a camera actor as well to make the camera animations and a player skeletal mesh to mimic that it is the player camera and that worked pretty well for the first cutscene but on the second the skeletal mesh simply didn’t appear. I tried to attach it to the player, to set location but it didn’t work.

The funny thing is when a press F10 and eject the skeletal mesh is there, only on matinee it doesn’t, and when i play the second animation without playing the first one the skel mesh appears , but when i play the first animation and the second it doesn’t.

Anyway, can somebody help me, please? :slight_smile:

Bump. Would like somebody to answer this one.