How can I control a Wheeled Vehicle Pawn with a single analog stick?

Hi - Newbie here. I’m working on a top-down-ish vehicle rpg with a locked camera that follows the player. I’m trying to use the Wheeled Vehicle Pawn to control a car with a single analog stick. I would like for the vehicle to apply the throttle regardless of the direction the analog is facing (that part was easy) but I also need the vehicle wheels to steer TOWARDS the direction the analog is facing. The desired effect should be: If the car is facing screen left and I push the analog down, the car should accelerate and turn the wheels to face down. As the car turns to face down, the wheels adjust until the car is moving straight down in the direction of the analog stick. If I keep the analog facing down, the car will keep going down. If I push the stick left, the wheels will turn the car until it’s continuously moving left. Etc. How can I do this with Blueprint? The car is already set up and functional in the conventional throttle, brake, and steer sense but that’s not what I need.