How can I change the strength of the DSP effects via Blueprint


is it possible to change the parameters of the effects dynamically in-game?
I am not talking about dialling between the wet and dry channel, but the specific parameters of the effect (i.e. distortion/Filter cutoff etc.)
Maybe it’s possible and very easy, and I am just to stupid to find the right nodes.
When I address my audio component->source effect chain I can only add/remove effects.

Thank you very much!

Maybe i’m wrong, but this from 3:23:

Oh, okay - that’s too bad. Maybe they’ll implement it someday.
But thanks for the answer!

It’s possible :slight_smile:
Can reference each source effect preset asset and mod them on tick at runtime.

I put an example level in Arthurs Audio BPs called “SourceEffects” where we can tweak all of them them while listening, in PIE, if anyone wanna try holding the power in their hands!

WOW! Those are great news. I was a little bit bummed since my Idea kinda relied on good Audio-Control. Can’t wait to check it out after work.

Fortunately you’re here :slight_smile: