How can I change/set the Level of generated fertilized Eggs (in inventory)

Hey all,

I´m pretty new to modding. As there are many cool Mods on Steam, but most of them in my opinion make it too easy, I had the idea of making an own one with the features and settings I want. At the Moment this Mod only is for my wife and me, but if it works fine I want to make it open for other players.
After a pretty hard beginning, I now think, I have a pretty good understanding of what I´m doing so far (I´m sure it´s still at the bottom 10% of whats possible with this kit). I solved most Problems by searching in the Blueprints I want to target and also by learning from others but now I observed a Problem, I can´t find a solution. It´s not Mod breaking, but it prevents a feature, I´d like to implement to the Mod.

I generated an Egg Shrine, where players can offer Eggs as tribute and the shrine will summon a random Egg in its inventory (useing the Function “Add NewItem”). The better the offerd egg, the higher is the chance to get better eggs. I also want to implement a small chance, the Egg is fertilized (1% by default and 50% if the offered egg was fertilized). As Level I want to generate a random Number in a range, based of the tribes average Level or the Level of their tames.

My Problem ist, how to set the Level of the generated fertilized Egg, using the Event Graph.

It would be great, if anyone could give me a hint, how to solve this or at least where to search for the option, I need to change.

I can´t belive, there is nobody out there that can help me or at least tell me if it´s not possible.
I now modified the Title as it maybe was a bit missunderstanding (looked like this was a tutorial)

Just in case anyone thinks, I already solved my problem…

NOPE. I didn´t

Still dealing with it and have no idea. My question just seems to become another unanswered threat in this Forum.

As far as I know, you can’t. The level is determined by the parent. Easiest way would probably to spawn a baby instead of an egg. Otherwise you could probably do it by doing your own egg but that would be too complex for me. Or forget the egg and make an usable item that would spawn a baby, that would probably be the closest and easy enought to do.

Hi jsrfuture,

thank you for your reply. Too bad, it´s not possible on a direct way.
As I want to create an Egg in an Inventory, spawning a baby is not viable. Also creating an Item, that spawns a baby is no option, as I want to give the player the choice to breed the egg, use it for a new try at the srine or just cook a kibble with it.

Nevertheless, you made me getting an idea. I´ll try to spawn a Dino with the needed level somewhere on the map, create a fetilized egg of it, move the egg to the inventory and destroy the dino at the end. Hope this will work.