How can i change a 3D UMG widget to a different one?

Basically i am trying to make a main menu using a 3D widget, i fully understand that it’s in experimental so i’m not sure if there is a way or if i’m just missing it completely.

I want it so that when i press one of my widget buttons the actual widget itself changes, lets say to an options screen rather than main menu.
I was having difficulties, i even tried having both widgets in the blueprint and setting the visibility to true/false, but for some reason this isn’t working and i assume it’s to do with it being experimental.

Any help would be highly appreciated,


There’s currently no way to change the 3D widget’s class, but you can use the Widget Switcher widget as your base widget then set its active child as the widget you want to switch to.

Create a widget switcher as your root, mark it “is variable” and save the widget. Add a function to it that adds a UserWidget to the Widget Switcher as a child. Make this widget the class of the 3D Widget. Then you can add widgets as needed and set the one you want the player to see as the active one.

Thanks, ill give it a try tonight and get back to you,

I have only just seen this post after days of trying to find an answer. For the last three days I have spent about 18 hours trying to find a way to do this with google searches and asking questions here without getting a clear answer. Is it still the case that you can’t do this in a 3d widget because I can’t use a widget switcher because my 3d menu will have dozens of widgets I need to switch to so a widget switcher will not work.