How can I blend a dust texture with a mesh material in z-axis only?

Hi All,

I am trying to add a dust texture effect to static meshes in Material Editor by having it only apply in z-axis.

I assume this is same principle as adding snow to on an object regardless of its rotation.

difference is dust must blend with underlying texture.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Hey ,

Have you looked into Layered Materials yet? There’s a good tutorial here:

link doesn’t seem to have any info on it. My main question is about only having a texture show on z-axis of a mesh. Similar to if it was projected downwards or how now only covers top of an object. Cheers

Hey -

Sorry for that. It was a link issue. This tutorial will answer your question, it is specific to snow but will work for dust as well.

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Thank You and let us know if you have any questions.

Eric Ketchum

Thanks Eric!
will post results soon :slight_smile:

Dust Texture

here you find collection of dust texture
Dust Texture