how can i assign my height map on my instanced material using POM?

My master material has parallax occ mapping enabled, my issue is, i store my heightmap in the B channel of my roughness map.

i tried dragging the B channel into the Heightmap Texture(t2d) on the POM node, it wouldn’t let me. in the help docs it says convert texture to object. that works but i cant select my channel for one. also, on my instance mat i cant select a heightmap image.

please tell me someone has a solution for this.

also, the hell IS a texture object? i didn’t find much online or in the docs. trying to figure out what this is compared to a normal texture?

REALLY appreciate any insight to this. cheers!

You need to specify which channel using the “Height Map Channel (V4)” input. It can be a vector param. Note that by default vector param outputs a V3 so you must append the alpha channel to the RGB first.

for texture object, just right click your texture and say “convert to texture object”… but what you probably want is a “Texture Object Parameter” which for some reason cannot be converted, you need to search it. But that one lets you change the texture using instances.

it has to be this way because POM needs the actual texture reference, not just the value of a single pixel lookup.

For performance reasons it’s better to store height map on it’s own texture. POM node takes multiple samples of your texture and you pay for the bandwidth even if you don’t use all of those channels.