How can I add extra morphs to an already in-game SkeletalMesh at runtime?

Hello everyone!

I would like to import some extra morphs to my already in-game SkeletalMesh at runtime.
I had a look around and found nothing out of the box yet.
First I foundthis. This is no option for me as I can’t import SkeletalMeshes at runtime(would be awesome tho).
This post and all the rest I found offers only editor time solutions, by reimporting the SkeletalMeshes…
which can’t do because I’d lose the morphs already on my char, but not on the imported one.

Can anyone direct me to the right c++ classes, blueprints, git repos, assets or anything to look at?


… you would have to export ehat you have, import it in a DCC and merge the morphs you created on the other model into it.

Within blender you can use modifiers to import/copy the morphs to and fro, but the topology needs to match exactly. Having removed even a single vertex would make it near impossible.

In which case, if the mesh is similar enoug you can do it the id10t way.
you cut the part with the morphs, remove the parts without morphs entierly.
on the othe mesh you firt duplicate, then you remove the areas that match the other morphs,
then you join the 2 objects, which brings all morphs together since there was no intersecting geometry.
Then you select the base morph, and you almost manually - becuase on a character a lot of areas may have verticis below a .0001 range - select the areas where the bese mesh needs to be merged back together - and merge it by distance with a .0001 range.
10 hours or so later you’ll have a joined mesh with working morphs…

I am looking for something that content creators can do easily.
Thanks for answering though!

You can build mophs they can affect, you can’t “easily” get them to create a new morph target.

the only way to allow direct manipulation is basing it on vertex paint with a material shader.
something that shifts the vertex on RGB XYZ based on the value of the vertex color.
they’d have to autor vertex by vertex and the final position would be linked to the vertex color, which could also be exported to a DCC and re-interpreted there…