How can i access stuff from a different material.

I need to access stuf from one material in another, how can i do this?

Explain further.

#define stuff

What are you trying to achieve?

New question on smilar lines: how can i use the make/break nodes so to get different shadng models in one material.

This is not possible to do with the make or break nodes. Also having a Material that has two different shading models in it would make the Material extreamlly expensive to render.

How shading models are stored to gbuffer? Could it be possible choose shading model per pixel? If all shading stuff is done in deferred manner it should’t be more expensive(If assuming that shading model isn’t randomly chosen and have good locality)

well, i guess its not posible for me.
I have another related ( and more important) question: I have a complex material, and want to use one of its out puts in a different material. I know I could use a material function, but is there a cheaper way?..