How can add three lives for my third person character?

I want to add three lives for my character and make it so that he can revive whenever he dies. Specific instructions please

To store numbers of death I would store a CharacterDeath Integer inside of the PlayerController which increases upon death for every time the Character dies.
When the character dies in your game the Player Controller can check if the CharacterDeath Integer is greater or equal to 3, if so - > End game (I guess), if not → go on with a new life.

For the revive I would start a “waiting for revive” event inside the Character, maybe with a Gate Action, when the character dies. I would have the Gate open for a predefined time controlled with a “Revive Time”-variable which starts to decrease when the character dies. If this variable reach 0 the character dies

That’s somewhere to start I think :slight_smile:

I’m a noob so can you please send like screenshots or maybe a video on how to do it? Thanks!

How long have you been using the engine and blueprints?

Because it’s no right nor wrong way to do this, my answer is just one way to execute this functionality. The solutions of yours should match with the rest of your project, gameplay, blueprint setup etc and you need the understanding of how it works to be able to extend the work in the future.

I’ve only started doing this for a week soooooo…