How best to handle the VR controller blueprint when there are multiple game levels


I’m just a bit unsure how to handle the VR controller (in my case at the moment its a Samsung Gear VR controller) in the context of having multiple levels in the game.

I’ve got a BP_GearController blueprint which looks something like the attached image. (The reason their are two line trace by channels is that one is meant to represent a “laser dot” that follows the direction of the controller - it works but seems to intefere with pulling the controller trigger which i’m trying to fix).

Anyway, in the BP_GearController blueprint when the trigger is pulled there’s a line trace and then I can determine what actor/compoenent has been hit.

In my game there are two levels at the moment.

In level one there is actor A, B and C. In level two there is Actor D, E and F.

I was thinking maybe the correct thing to do is to simplify the BP_GearController and basically have it end at the “Break Hit” node and then subclass the BP_GearController for each level eg. BP_GearController_Level1 - and then break hit could then check for Actor A, B and C and BP_GearController_Level2 - and then break hit could check for Actor D, E and F.

Or just spawn/place the BP_GearController in each level.

Or spawn it from within each level blueprint and then I can use it from within the level blueprint.

But yeah advice would be welcome.