How am i supposed to use animation BPs for enemies when i spawn them in runtime ?

I don’t seem to find anyway to do so, it works only if you put the enemy on the scene and then start, but if i want to spawn it, it will have no controller and no animation blueprint, so controller i can add via blueprint, but what about animation blueprint?.. This is a pretty big deal yo !

This one is really important !
I need a solution for it, i’m making a editor that the player can spawn monsters on the map before he begins playing, and now, they won’t animate.

Have you try using “spawn default controller” ? I had to spawn ai and with a spawnactor / Spawn default controller / simple move to, my characters move on the map using the anim set in character bp.

This is exactly what i did and there is no animation for my character :expressionless:
If you say it’s works for you i will just try again, maybe i did something wrong, thanks for helping !