How add -game command to game launched in editor?

How add -game command to game launched in editor? As stated in Steamworks - Failing to Find DLLs - Platform & Builds - Epic Developer Community Forums , quote:

Warning: STEAM: Steam API disabled!

A quick look in bool FOnlineSubsystemSteam::IsEnabled() shows that is checking to see if you have the DefaultEngine.ini setting


which you say you’ve added, so the last and final part of this is the check to see if you are running the game or dedicated server and NOT the editor itself.

   if (bEnableSteam)
         bEnableSteam = IsRunningDedicatedServer() || IsRunningGame();

Which if you are trying to launch the editor then play in “Play In Editor” for example, you will have Steam disabled. If you run the editor with -game or -server you will then be able to use Steam directly.

If i add path to .uproject file and -game as command line options to UE4Editor.exe, then game run immediately instead of editor. Couldn’t find any command line editbox inside editor.

Seems syandalone launch type in editor allow use steam for quick tests without full packaging