Hovercar falling always down instead of moving forward, how do we fix this?

Purpose: To make the hovercar mesh automatically start flying across the city with the other hovercars when beginning the game to play the map.

Issue: Hovercar its falling down all the time instead of moving across. It won’t move across the screen. Its to something to do with the projectile component. As soon as I put that in the blueprint, the hovercar then drops down but soon as I take the projectile component out of the hover car’s blueprint the hovercar stays suspended up in the air doing nothing. I put the hovercar’s moving code in the game level BP and not in the hovercar’s own BP because I wasn’t sure which bp to put the code in that moves the hovercar. All I want is my hovercar to do is just to move forward across the screen. when i start the game Eventually i will have to later lay down a patrol route for it to go around the city, otherwise I’ll have to try to force it move along a spline point.

Other issue still to resolve:

The A.I of my spiders is also acting weird. Instead of wandering around in their nav mesh,
which is about 1,000 metres in size, they been gathering to the corners of it in small groups.

What causes this behavior, I don’t know, the A.I is supposed to wander around
at random inside the nav mesh volume.