Hover car physics

Hi again guys …Now for the most part this subject is far to advanced for me …But would like to see how far i can get . I followed a great tutorial on creating a hover component .And then tried to add 4 of these to a cube . My main question is can this bp be used to create a hovering vehicle or do i need to create something more robust? Ok i have another question …This bp works even if the cube is upside down .How can i make it so the hover ability only works when the ship is the right way up .Hope that makes sense

You can check my Kart Physics Template Here , it may help you

Hey thanks you have some great stuff ! Much appreciated

I love your work mhousse1247 Although it definitely fuels my impostor syndrome . … I honestly do not think i will ever understand half of whats going on in this template …And that is not a fault on your part but a massive amount of ineptitude on mine .