[HOUDINI] Game Development Toolset

Hey everyone!

So, Houdini is notoriously hard to get into. Not to mention examples are hard to come by. So, during my time at SideFX, I put together this community toolset on Github!

This is the Game Development Toolset. It’s designed around adding a bunch of useful game development tools to the user’s Houdini preferences folder. In particular, there are a bunch of VFX samples that would of use to you guys. The reason it’s on Github is that every year there are always complaints on how to share information and collaborate. I hope that this toolset is a good first step. As for content:

There’s a custom desktop that’s a copy of the technical desktop.
There’s a custom desktop that’s a copy of the technical desktop.
There’s a custom shelf that has a few useful FX-related tools, mainly around destruction assets.

There’s also a bunch of digital assets (think like a compilation of nodes) that do a variety of tasks. Also contained are a bunch of VFX samples.

So, if any of you are interested in using Houdini to create effects for you games, hopefully this toolset can get you off the ground! If you encounter any issues, please submit an issue to the Github repository. If you’re under a strict NDA, please email support at SideFX. Same goes for any feature requests!

As for the future of this toolset, the reason it’s on Github is so the community can contribute as well as SideFX folks. While I’ll be moving onto an industry gig, I still plan on contributing to this. There’s also a new Technical Artist coming onboard with MUCH more experience than I had. He’ll be taking over the toolset with my departure and I’m excited about how it’ll evolve :slight_smile:

Note: I hope this is the right place to post this >_>’