Hot reloading failure without error message

I don’t have enough info to fill in a bug report, but here it is: sometimes (quite oftem for me) hot reloading fails when compiling C++ code. This results in launching game with old code, and this can be very confusing when iterating on a certain feature.

I think, when hot reloading fails, **error log message or even a notification is expected **and would be very convenient.

To workaround this, I’m printing incrementing build number in log, and checking it every time when I compile code.

  • possibly, hot reloading fails when there is not enough disc space, but just enough to run cpp compiler, but I didn’t make a setup that reliably reproduces it yet

Hot reload is pretty much broken on the recent UE version. Use LIve Coding and Live++. I learned that the hard way.

Wow, I didn’t heard of live coding, just tried it and it’s going to speed me up by 1000%
Thank you!