Horse Riding and Taming Kit

It’s made for Epic Skeleton and changing worked fine. Is it Epic Skeleton?

Hi Roman,

I am trying to implement your pack into mine. I have set “BP_Horseman” as Parent Class of my “BP_Character” . Somehow the input strokes are not registered from BP_Horseman so for example the whole Mount/Unmount function is never called.

Is there a special switch i need to set to the Parent reacts on input of the Child?

Yes, my character is rigged to the Epic Skeleton.

Since the logic for Mount/Unmount is implemented for Event Tick, my guess will be that your “BP_Character” has a working Event Tick, but without calling the Parent Event Tick (the one of BP_Horseman).
To solve, click on your Event Tick with Right Mouse Button and select option “Add call to parent function”.
If that’s not the case, check also “Project Settings” —> Engine —> Input.

Thank you for this. I had broke this when I added a footstep system and for the life of me couldn’t figure out where I broke it. Fixed!

Not sure what i did but i added this project and then tried to remove it and when i did my original BP_character will not show up

Can u put a Tutorial up for this adding it to a current project?

hello, please update your package. i did not noticed it will only work as 4.17 and i am on 4.17.2.

How hard is it to set this up with out reparenting my character? My character is already parented to a combat bp so how could I go about implementing this?

Hey Old Crow so I’m not quite sure what you mean past the reparenting part. I have the horseman character parented to my custom character. I am able to mount the horse and ride but its just the base level skeleton and all my armor is gone from the character. So where I am confused is the portion where you re-target his skeleton to my characters skeleton with the bones I want? An so forth after I am confused

Hello. It meant re-targeting mounting/whistle animations and AnimBP, by right clicking on Content\ThirdPersonBP\Character\MeshUE4_Mannequin_Skeleton and choosing Retarget to Another Skeleton.

You can create chains of parents:

  • Your character parented to Horseman, while Horseman parented to Combat BP;
  • Your character parented to Combat BP, while Combat BP parented to Horseman.

I guess, your AnimBP has some logic for Combat, then you probably can also use chain re-parenting to include AnimBP_Horseman.
Or just copy/paste logic from AnimBP_Horseman/AnimGraph into your AnimBP, it’s just a few nodes:

Screenshot (Horse_AnimBP).jpg

Awesome thank you for the reply I managed to get to the point you mentioned above today and I have a screenshot below of where I am currently stuck.

So basically with trying to set them both up together I am running into the issue where only one works with out the other… or only the left hand will move in the animation and my characters body will stay positioned off to the left side of the horse as I ride it.

The Combat Anim event graph has a lot of nodes to it so Im thinking it is causing complications with the movement portion. I can reparent the Horseman BP to the Combat BP an I can see the mounting animations etc, but the combat movement animations don’t play an my guys all outa whack so its gotta be related to the movement? I’ve got roll ability, unsheath, resheath weapon functions idk what the hell the problem is but as I said my guess is movement some where.
Anyway heres a picture of the CombatAnim Event Graph:

That is not how Anim BP works :slight_smile: Remove all horseman related nodes and restore Combat Anim to prior your changes. In “Content\HorseRidingTamingKit\Horseman” for all Animation Montages, change DefaultSlot to FullBody.
It will be without Whistle though. Using support email will be faster:

is anyone able to help me get the controller issue fixed? im using the action rpg inventory system as well and cant seem to figure out which logic i need to use from my custom cuntroller in the kit. i can mount the horse but cant get it to move

Ok, so I have everything out of my combat BP. No horseman nodes what so ever. Do I NEED this nodes in my animBP? An how can I get it to recognize my character BP?

I’m having trouble with getting clothes to follow the skeleton getting on the horse, after I set it in the Master Pose Component. The Clothes are using the Horseman_BP same as the character, I noticed also the whistle animation isn’t following either. What did I miss? I appreciate any advice.

[USER=“11323”]Roman Genmindo[/USER] I like this asset but it’s quit pricy. Is it going to be part of the current sales?
It looks like the project has been abandoned so can you please at least drop the price down so we buy it at our own risk knowing there will be no support?!

Many thanks

any news if it going to be updated to 4.21

Hey there, I bought your horse taming package, but I have some questions! I’m hoping you can help me!

First off, I’m almost there integrating it with my combat character. I’m using the Dynamic Combat System from the marketplace.

I don’t want to reparent the horseman to my character because it causes too many issues with movement and camera. I manually changed all the logic from horseman to my character, retargeted animations, updated montages, but I’m having some issues with:

  1. the rider is in T-pose combined with horse mesh when I am riding. I saw something about sockets in the forum but it;s not clear. What do I have to do to get the riding animation exactly?
  2. When I whistle I get an error: Blueprint Runtime Error:

“Accessed None trying to read property Horseman”. Blueprint: BP_Horse Function: Execute Ubergraph BP Horse Graph: EventGraph Node: Branch
Blueprint Runtime Error: “Accessed None trying to read property Horseman”. Blueprint: BP_Horse Function: Adjust Summonning Graph: AdjustSummonning Node: Set DistanceFromHorseToHorseman

The Horseman variable is a reference to my new charcter and seems to work everywhere else. Why not here?

3)When I mount the horse, my rider goes through the horse first, the does the mounting montage, but he’s not mounting at the right location, he is mounting into air, like an invisible horse besides the real horse.

  1. How can I use the rest of the features? Feeding, dying, failing to mount - there is no documentation for anything?


i already implement this on my Dynamic Combat System and work 100% smooth but there was a disadvantage about camera it’s to hard to control while riding because camera yaw is lock.