Horror Engine (Complete First Person Horror Game Kit)

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Horror Engine Demo:
PC / Mac

Demo Level Walkthrough
Overview Level
First Tutorial - Creating Horror Events

Everything you need to create your game and storyline! With this kit, you will have Endless Possibilities and Combinations for your story! Determine your rules and create your custom horror events without Editing any Code or Blueprint!

And also you will get Very Big Essential Features for your game!


  • **Horror Events System **(Endless Combinations for your Story)
  • Dynamic Inventory System
  • **Full Editable Inspection System **(including Pivot Control)
  • Diary (Quest) System
  • **Subtitle and Speak System **(With Audio)
  • **Realtime Depth Of Field **(with Focus Look Function)
  • **Damage And Health System **(including Fall Damage and Death)
  • Modular Ladder System
  • **Footstep Sound System **(with 7 physical Materials)
  • **Light Equipment (**Glowstick, Flashlight, Lighter and Torch)
  • Night Vision Camera (with Zoom Function)
  • Pistol and Shoot Trigger Area
  • **Complete VHS System **(including Fullscreen Mode)
  • **TV and Remote System **(including Channel System and Fullscreen Mode)
  • **Radio System **(including Channel System)
  • **Security System **(Keypad, Camera, Alarm, Motion Sensor, Monitor, E-Door, Keycard Access)
  • Portal (Teleport) System
  • **Modular Candle System **(including Shrink and Die Functions)
  • **Pointlight, Spotlight and Torch **(including Flicker and Explosion System)
  • **Modular Doors and Furnitures **(including Lock System and Dynamic Sounds)
  • **Modular Buttons **(including Secret Book, Torch and Painting)

Number of Blueprints: 63

Input: Keyboard + Mouse

Platforms: (PC / Mac)

Documentation: In Progress…

*Potential Future Updates:

  • Physics System
  • Enemy AI System
  • Main Menu System* (Save/Load, Graphic Settings)*
  • Multiplayer System
  • ***New Interactable Objects ***(Telephone, Tape, Elevator etc…)

** Updates that I will continue if I can see enough requests.*


There is not more than just some game-mechanics listed up in youre marketplace description.Can you please provide a video of the features and whats in the kit and how to use it? e.g. how people can use the quest system without having to blueprint anything.

Also I dont see any enemy AI or Characters or assets in the kit. How should people be able to make a whole horror game without enemies or assets?

Documentation and also Video Tutorial is in progress, there are more than 20 features in this asset so unfortunately preparing tutorials takes little bit time:) But you can still understand how it works without edit any blueprint if you carefully examine screenshots, also please find attached downloadable demo links, if you play you can see almost all settings at **Guide Notes.

Some of your remarks were already mentioned under **"**Potential Future Updates" headline, those updates will be added soon, please re-check carefully. I named this asset “Complete First Person Horror Game Kit” because these future updates will come free of charge for previous buyers, that’s why name starts with “Complete”.

If you have any more question marks, feel free to ask.


I checked this out, and its definitely a fantastic template to work with. Its a feature complete template that appears to be functional and work very well. I definitely suggest people purchase this template over my own. One thing that I can suggest to really get more sales in the future, is to include more content like a complete demonstration environment (with custom assets, rather than blockout like you have currently). I think that was a big selling factor for my own template was that I included a demo level with ready to use content.

Thank you for your kindly comment:) I think you saw only Overview Level but It’s already included Demo Level with ready to use assets and little story.

I did play both the overview and the demo level, but what Im talking about is if the demo level was a completed environment full of custom assets that customers could use in their own game.

Oh sorry, now I understand. Yes, It’s absolutely right and I will think about this advice. Thank you again.

Dear :
you are only our hope please make that’s happen, we need you, don’t worry about documents , just update future , if not !! no problem just add only save and load system.
I hope you see my comment , also we are waiting for you in discord , i hope you will be fine .

Is there documentation yet? I’ve been working with HE and am having some trouble with a few things. Would love to see the documentation or tutorials on how to use this. Thanks

Your Awesome tansuergene !
I hope You will update new feature soon !!

Hi Tansuergene.

I’m currently making a game in your horror engine and have 5 maps made. I’m having an issue with Keys and Door. Basically I have a map of a Mansion and another Map of a School. What i’m trying to do it Link a Key on the map of the School to be compatible with a Door in the Mansion. Is it possible to do this in the Horror Engine Template?


I busted the Horror Engine open and am very impressed with what is included. I found this thread looking for it’s documentation. Are there still plans for this?

Is there any way to change the meshes for the gun, I have a high res one and I would like to replace the one included. I am very new so if this is a dumb question I am sorry.

This is by far the best engine i found in the marketplace (let alone free). Thanks a lot!
Any plans to add multiplayer?

Hy Kashpan. In “HorrorEngine > Blueprints > UsableAssets > Inventory” there is a blueprint called Pistol. Inside you can find the option to modify the mesh:

Hello, thank you so much!

There is a problem. After I replace the mesh, the pistol mesh is changed only for the prop version of it (While shooting it the old mesh remains). And the textures are stuck from the old one (even if I try to change them I can’t)

@tansuergene Hi, is the documentation for Horror Engine v3.0 in progress? Any ETA on its completion?