Horror AI Help me plzzz

Hi there :slight_smile:

I really hope someone can help me… I have put so much time into making this map and everything… Now the problem is about my AI enemy.

I need my AI to roam (walking) around the map (Asylum). And when he sees me he’s gonna run after me till I hide and he lose the sight of me.
And also that he can hear me when he’s close to me.

  1. Roam around rooms.
  2. Run after me in sight.
  3. Have a sense of hearing (Less when I crouch, medium when I walk and max when I sprint.)
  4. Attack me when he catch me.

Basically an aggressive monster walking around in my asylum building.

I watch a Youtuber (Totally Unreal) and he makes really good tutorial but in part1 he screwed up and used an old Blackboard as he used before the tutorial by a mistake.
So now my AI just stands still and are not roaming around.

I looked around the internet, do you have a suggestion about a tutorial video how I can make my AI as i want?

As you know UE4 has been updated which means older videos becomes useless.

Thank you for the answers I get (Really hope someone will help me :))