Horrible stuttering in multiplayer

Hey, I’ve had this problem since I first released multiplayer. Characters seem to stutter on client no matter what I try. I’m using the third person example character for this, and I’ve been trying to change its’ movement in various ways, no matter how I tried it always ends up stuttering or moving really slowly. I’ve tried to disable orient rotation to movement as well. Currently it’s just like it’s normally. Please help, this is getting really annoying.

Hi! I think I have the same issue, beat you by 3 minutes :slight_smile:

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try ( t.MaxFPS 30 ) in console I had the same issue… for some reason my character was suffering of stuttering in multiplayer this console command fixed the problem. I don’t know where the problem originally come from but it might fix your problem temporary till we found a fix. Let me know if it work…

When you modify the ‘Max Walk Speed’ variable you have to modify it on every machine.

Most of the time when we are experience movement stuttering it comes from the Client having a different speed than on Server, leading to different positions being recorded on the two machines. The server then “corrects” the position of the client, resulting in the stuttering effect.

If you have a Sprint function or something of the sort, you’ll have to make it so both the client and the server call it.

I managed to (probably) fix it while playing around with the replication settings, I set component replicates to false for everything except the actor itself and it worked!


why is this the right answer. why. why is this kind of thing always the right answer :'D

This solution worked for me :yum: Have no idea why but it worked