Horrible Forum Search

I do not know if I am searching wrong or what but the forum search is horrible. If you search for, "Service ID" you will get anything with the word service with is over a 1000 results. As you can see there are quotes so I only want results with Service ID. This has to be the worst search I have ever seen. Now if that is not bad enough, the results are not presented in post but in threads.

Epic has the smartest people on the planet but cannot make a basic search for the forums that people have to use to develop their games. Blows my mind how bad the search is.

Anyway, that is my suggestion, Fix the search where the results are presented in Post and make the search where it only brings back post that contain all words. I do not even use the search anymore, I have to use google.

Have a great day,

Welcome to the internet in 2019, using Google and the search filter “site:” will give you better results than any built in search function on a website, including Youtube, Twitter, Reddit, forums, etc.


Does Google reliably filter thread posts by ‘number of replies’?

That was one of the more helpful features that got sacrificed in the forum upgrade a couple of years back… As regards ‘welcome to the internet in 2019’ and using Google for all your searches… That advice is only really welcome if you’re happy to overlook all of Google’s data crimes. :stuck_out_tongue:

ZacD, Google wont search the PS4 Dev site.

lol Google makes search engines feel like easy thing to do. It’s not :stuck_out_tongue: