Horrendous light artifacts and Translucent/SSS malfunction

Hi, I hate to bother but I just couldn’t find any resource anywhere, beats me as to what this could be.

So the problem is that down the line, everytime I build the lighting cache, the shadows got jagged, and shading artifacts started appearing (not always in the same place although some stayed in place). Pictures below:

So you’ll notice that these artifacts appear near the lamps (since the Point light is right inside the lamps), however the lamps are set to not cast shadows, I DO need the light sources to cast shadows because of light leaks through walls, plus realism.

Thing is, the artifacts do not always appear in the same spot, so not sure what’s causing them…

That dark splotch is an artifact as well.

One of the possible causes for the jaggedness is the shadow map resolution, but I can’t find that setting anywhere. I read somewhere about cascade maps, but no idea.
The lightmap resolutions are all in green, so I am guessing it’s not that.
I am a bit of a neophite, so I’ve been stuck on this for the past day trying to figure it out.

EDIT: With this failure, also the lights have been malfunctioning:

As you can see it works in the BP window, but not in the scene, I am not sure if these are somehow connected.

Please help!

Ok. After multiple tests, it seems as if though the problem is Static lights. I tested with stationary lights and the shadow bakes fine. Now I gotta figure out how to fix THAT, because you can’t more than 4 of those.