HoloLens Invites

HoloLens invites are going out. I wanted to know if Epic plans on supporting it before I buy it. I have a lot of exciting projects I want to work on.


I would love to see HoloLens support, but I don’t think it’s going to happen.

I put up a post in 1 of the other sections of the forum too about it. I also got in wave 1 for the kits and would much prefer to be in Unreal than Unity

The problem is, if you want to be one of the first, you need to know if Unreal will support it now. Because if Unreal will not support it, you need to get into Unity and this will be time consuming.

Well programming is just programming, if you can do it in 1 language you can do it in another, I would just prefer to be able to do things in Unreal instead of Unity because I prefer working in Unreal and I can prototype things much faster in blueprints than I can doing it in C#. And since most of my work is just prototyping thats all I care about really. All the “blueprint” type plugins for Unity are quite annoying and not great to work with.

Yea but like in Unreal you will need time to get into the editor and so on. You are right, the game logic will be the same independent of the language you are using.

I’m fine with code in Unity but I couldn’t find my way around the engine at all. Unreal just clicked for me and there is no way I’d go back to Unity for HoloLens.

Congratulations on making it into HoloLens release wave 1, RyanGadz and ZoltanJr!

Microsoft put Epic Games in wave 3.

So, let’s assume that Microsoft has us in the doghouse for not supporting their closed-platform UWP initiative. I’ve mentioned to Phil Spencer a couple times that we’d love to see UE4 HoloLens support, and that Microsoft is free to ship their own UWP and HoloLens support on GitHub, under the Unreal Engine EULA.

No definite response so far. Perhaps Microsoft will enlighten us with their plans at GDC!

Sounds like a good time to pull the “Do you know who I am?” on Microsoft :wink:

I got into wave 2! I really hope we can get some Hololens support in UE4. I’d much rather use that than Unity. At my job, we might be starting a big VR/AR initiative with a major client and I’d rather use UE4 but the lack of Google Cardboard support forces us to use Unity instead for VR work. Hopefully Hololens doesn’t fall into that like Cardboard did. Thanks for all the hard work guys!

(Sorry if I double posted.)

[MENTION=35]Tim Sweeney[/MENTION] Thanks for your openness! :slight_smile:

Why do they need to push Unity so hard? Are they going to buy it up? Or do they want to push Visual Studio, because it’s so closely linked to Unity? I hope they will bring their UWP together with HoloLens support into UE4 at some point. I definitely won’t go back to Unity.

I will be getting 2 of them Tim, I would be happy to give my second to Epic if it helps us get Unreal in there faster! :slight_smile:

I don’t really understand why Microsoft is dragging their heels with adding UWP to Unreal. Fable Legends is built in UE4. The next Gears of War will be built in UE4. Microsoft is obviously going to make them both available on Windows 10 / UWP so what are they waiting for? If PC gaming is so important to them ( then they should make adding UWP to UE4 a priority.

Good man :slight_smile:

Hey Guys, just found this thread! Very excited to be jumping in and have gotten in Wave 1. I also only need 1 of the 2 Tim and I’m definitely more than glad to give the second one to Epic if you want it as well. I’m still awaiting the purchase email from Microsoft but let me know if I can help out too! :smiley:

EDIT: As much as I’d love to do this, its a big no no in the Terms Of Use and its possible I’d need it for Multiplayer Testing down the line. Really hope BUILD releases some good information to make UWP a more viable and open platform for development and more promising for a future UE4 implementation. Best of luck Tim and it was great to at least hear your follow up responses with Phil on Twitter. I too want Windows to stay open and hope that Win32, even if supported by UWP by some other method, hopefully will not do so by limiting what Win32 is capable of ATM. Take Care! :slight_smile:

BTW, if there is anyone with one more spare HoloLens i would be super intrested … my application is pending because i live outsite USA / Canada. Would pay for all costs naturally.

It would be an interesting find if it get released!

Why Microsoft must add UWP to Unreal? Did Google and Apple add their platform to Unreal? Shouldn’t it be Epic who must support their platform? Could you please enlighten me?

Good thing is you’re not alone. I’m an Emerging Experience MVP (meaning covering Hololens, Kinect, Cortana, Ink, and Band on Windows 10). There are quite a few of us pushing for UE support as well. If you don’t build a bridge to UWP and Holographic API’s then looks like me and my colleagues will have to :slight_smile:

I’m very much interested in using UE as opposed to Unity.

I hope we have officially support for HoloLens in next versions …