Hololens + Bluetooth LE support

Hi guys. I have purchased the

  • Hololens (first generation), this runs Windows 10 and the HoloLens shell carries over and adapts many elements from the Windows desktop environment, supports BLE 4.1

  • HoloLens 2. This runs the Windows 10 holographic OS and supports BLE 5.0

I’m trying to create a HoloLens app (Windows 10) with UE4 that can pair with a BLE HRS (Heart Rate Service) device.

Although I have noticed the “Bluetooth Support” for Android devices,

You can use any Windows API (including Bluetooth) for UE4 but there are some tricks. Because Unreal has own restrictions, you need to implement them in your library (dll or lib). Your library may use WinRT interface inside but should expose plain C++ to Unreal. Then your game code should include the library to include and linkage. And the code may be used in Unreal in any way.