Holes not passable

I am having problems exporting rhino to obj-files and then importing them (fbx doesnt work properly for me btw). Anyways, the obj of a somewhat more complex 3dmodel just keeps on crashing (10x + ) so I thought id make a simpler one and import it. Now it imports of with a obj-file but it seems to treat the whole thing as a impassable box even though it has several wholes. I created a door which I cannot pass through, I thought it might be something with it being to narrow but I removed the roof and it is also not possible to enter if you fly up and try to go in.

Is there a sort of command to treat the obj as inpenetrable or something? New to Ue4, want ot use it but cant get it to work well.

You need some patience as dev.
You still got some answers to read :wink:

Thanks for the reply! Actually, I was thinking if I should describe the problem or just let it be in the other thread and decided to explain it twice since I guess a lot of noobs will perhaps go through the same thing as me. Thanks for the answer, I am very very likely to contribute this forum and others n00bs once I learn, I have done some tutorial videos in the past and find that it is the best way to learn software.

All the best /cgh

Hello there. I see a lot of threads that are discussing same issue again and again. Here is where I gave few tips for it:

If you want to remove collision. Double click on imported asset to open static mesh editor, then go to menu collision>remove collision

I can’t help you in regard of your fbx problem, since I don’t use Rhino.